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metaphor, let's retire it. that's it for the journal editorial report, thanks to my panel and for all of you watching. i'm paul giggo, hope to see you right here next week. . >> jon: on fox news watch. >> we, the jury find the defendant not guilty, defendant not guilty, not guilty. >> jon: a shocking verdict in the casey anthony trial stuns viewers around the country and the media. and prompting these reactions. >> speechless. >> jon: and is it the lesson about responsible coverage? >> i'm sorry. >> jon: msnbc mark halprin apologizes for the vulgar word aimed at the president and network. a big sex scandal under the harsh media spotlight. did the main street media assume guilt before innocent of a nationally known politician accused of rape? he's a former governor who resigned in disgrace after a prostitution scandal and then
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eliot spitzer turned to television for redemption. guess what? he's out of work again. >> that's it for tonight, this is my last program. >> jon: say it ain't so, joe, the vp starts tweeting. on the panel this week, writer and fox news contributor, judy miller. syndicated columnist cal thomas. jim pinkerton, fellow new american foundation and host of the alan colmes show, fox news radio, alan colmes, i'm jon scott, fox news watch is on right now. >> oh, my god, it's a stunning verdict. >> the devil is dancing tonight. >> speechless, absolutely speechless. this baby died before her ti time. >> jon: that was just a
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sampling of the media reaction on the casey anthony trial to florida, casey acquitted of course on first degree murder charges, sentenced to four years on thursday for lying to the investigators during that case. but, she got credit for time served and good behavior. however, her lawyer, cheney mason was none too pleased with the media during that trial. >> they hung her here daily for two and a half years, every channel, every outlet in this community and throughout the state and i suspect around the country, was convinced she's guilty, this is all just rah-rah. >> jon: all right, are we in the media guilty as charged? judy? >> well, i think there are a few cement commenttators should think about their roles on tv the nancy grace came in for particular for--
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says she's em blattic, the devil is dancing tonight and combative and always about her rather than the case and rush to judgment which of course the media did. >> jon: cal? >> this is another example of why the supreme court is right in not allowing cameras into that courtroom. this was, to quote clarence thomas during his confirmation hearings, a high-tech lynching, regardless of whether you think she was guilty or not. you had people who didn't know what they were talking about spouting off, convicting her, before all of the evidence was in or the jury had decided, it was a disgusting display. >> jon: but the jury was sequestered, they didn't hear you will of that or shouldn't have, jim. >> your he right the jury was sequestered and the more insightful take on the case, marsha clark, from the o.j. simpson trial and actually the
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sequestration got this what i think and most american probably, absurd verdict because they spent two months with each other and herd mentality and came to identify with the casey and forgetting about caylee, and i thought, it caused-- i do agree with cal, the television business, an important issue, but another issue of the long, long trials if it means the juries wind up being transformed by themselves and lose perspective on what they're looking at. >> jon: i wonder, al, go ahead. >> if they put cameras in the court we'd forget they were there and business as issue. >> oh, right, sure. >> just like you forget they're here, but you know, if people got so emotionally involved in this case, commenttators, is it their role, the role of nancy grace or anybody on television, the woman on julie chen, crying,
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and reporters if they're so invested on what the outcome is going to be. >> here is the future of this. abc hired elizabeth smart as a commentator on the network, meaning they're going to gin up more of these stories because that brings in the demographic namely younger women who love this stuff who give the ratings and sponsors can sell the products what they want to. >> that's what it's all about. >> jon: what about the charge from her lawyer that the media hung her and so forth? i mean, it seemed as though in some respects, the media wait a minute a bogeyman because they didn't have a great defense case and threw everything at the wall and saw what would stick and in the end it stuck. >> if you wonder what they would look like, cheney mason. by the way, lawyer mason, people are hanged, not hung. and listen, they found an old clip of him, abc now, talking about the trial. like a couple of years ago,
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saying if she's guilty she'll get life and this, that and the other and doing exactly himself what he's accusing the other lawyers of doing before he got hired. >> pretty hard for lawyers to avoid talking to television cameras, isn't it? >> no, it's part of the game, part of what you're trying to do, sway public opinion and somehow that filters into the jury and the more face time. >> i think that andrew cowan had an interesting column in the atlantic about now, why this case, she was the soshg mom. see was the white middle class woman, there were, he points out. more than a thousand murders in florida in the year that caylee went missing. >> would the media be doing this if it were a black family. >> never. >> one other piece of analysis i thought was good, how culture moved over in the courtroom. a lot of people talk about the csi effect. where you get the evidence, you get the trial or get the conviction or the admission all within less than an hour plus time for commercials and
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that's tv. that's entertainment and that's not real life. >> on perry mason you found out who was not guilty and you tilely found out who committed the crime. >> exactly. >> did the media, can you argue that the media really did anything wrong here? i mean, they covered the trial, right? >> i'll go further i think the media including nancy grace had a good moral sense about this, i think that casey anthony did it and i think most reporters do, too, and i don't think it hurts to express what this sort of obvious. >> what's next, guilty-- >> the new oprah network. >> and in the aftermath of all of this, alan, a bunch of states are proposing what they're calling caylee laws, where if you don't report your child missing. >> that's just so-- >> immediately. >> we have one case, we have one thing happen, we ever one family acted dysfunctional, let's go legislature and have legislation to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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>> conservative. >> and people want this legislation to says let's get government out of your life and now we're going to legislate based on this case. >> it would be nice to see the government take a separate line on murder. >> the only thing she was convicted of was lying to federal prosecutors. that's very different from everything she's now free to sell her book, she's also free several commenttators pointed out, to come, stand up, and say, now what? i did it, and nobody can touch her. and that's our legal system. >> and maybe her own show. >> here is how far it's dogone. on the morning of the shuttle launch on friday, anchor for cfnn headline news, saying this launch is occurring only 55 miles from the courtroom where casey anthony was tried. oh. >> and she's also free to reproduce. >> scarier. >> time for a quick break. but first, check out our new website, you can keep an eye
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on the big media stories in our watch list section. you can also go behind the scenes and listen to the discussions we have in our studio during the commercial break, always very interesting. and up next, there are some things you just shouldn't say on tv, especially about the president. . >> msnbc of commentator mark halprin sinks to a new level commenting about the president and kicked off the air for good. the media rush to judge in the strauss-kahn case. that's next on news watch. also get a free flight.
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>> i can't say. it's disrespectful and i'll apologize to the president and sorry to the viewers, the kind of things that can't explain, but i take full responsibility for it and it's a mistake, as i said disrespect feel and shouldn't have. >> time magazine mark halprin and contributor, apologized for calling the president is unflattering term last week and to describe how he felt the president was conducting himself on the issue. nbc suspended him indefinitely and issued this statement. the comments were inappropriate and unacceptable and we apologize to the president and all of our
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viewers. we strive for a high level of discourse and comments like those have no place on our air. >> anybody mention that to keith olbermann? so we know what happened. he was sitting there, are we on delay and a seven second delay, he way assured that he had a delay and that he could, he felt, utter this word-- >> the amazing thing here is the incredible hipocracy of the right wing. >> what? >> rush limbaugh, yes, i'll say it again, rush limbaugh goes on about, look, meanwhile, limbaugh calls the president a thug and all liberals, now, thieves, he says horrible things about the president and somehow the liberals are to blame for a double standard. >> look, let's go back a second. as you alluded to, john, as goldberg and a million other cement taters were noted calling bush 43, a fascist, a murderous something or other, a path logical idiot in chief.
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>> kind of of things that limbaugh says about obama. >> and the interesting thing msnbc took no action against olbermann and promoted him and raises so on. msnbc clearly wants its talent to say bad things about republicans. >> just like they want their talent say bad things about obama. >> and clearly don't want talent to say even the most mild things about a democrat. >> and that would be the double standard. >> what about the right winning talk show hosts-- >> what about free speech? >> and critical about it. >> i'm not hypocritical about it, i think that everybody ought to have their say. here is the thing, where we ought to get it. you had nika and joe egging him on and promising the word that he telegraphed would not be acceptable on a family network would be dump with a dump button seven second delay that didn't exist, either they were lying or they should be canned as well. >> canned for what, you said free speech. >> can one, can the other,
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nobody-- >> let's let judy have some free speech. >> well, i wrote about it with doug schoen this week for the daily beast. why is nobody looking at the white house telephone call to msnbc saying, we are really offended by this? why is msnbc not being asked to uk over this, was this really that egregious in a sense? >> i don't think they caved. i think it was getting in the way to the pitch to the audience we're the left wing network, they don't want anybody on there saying anything bad to the leader. >> jon: and the term that applies to the male appendage, that doesn't fly? >> and the author for game change, and forever, we'll see. >> maybe put out a list of words acceptable for criticizing the president and
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aren't. if you can call george bush a fascist and can't call barack obama the male appendage, where is the-- >> i can help you out. and msnbc, you can say that president obama cares too much. >> and the nasty and-- >> they're on their own network. >> and there is an apples to apples comparison here, that doesn't quite pass the smell test, don't you think. >> apples to apples comparison? >> some of the things that olbermann said in msnbc compared to halperin-- >> and others on various talk show networks and cables networks do nothing, but blast obama 24/7 and call him all kinds of names and-- >> i don't think you legal have to-- media matters is watching so it's it's hard to find anybody on fox that said that obama was murderous. >> a pathological liar or-- >> obama has been called a
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liar by guests sometimes. >> murderer, murderer. >> said shut the hell up and-- >> not the same thing as a human appendage. >> jon: time for another break, if you see something that you think shows evidence of media bias, e-mail us at news up next, eliot spitzer is out of cnn's arena. at least for now. >> an international sex scandal erupts and so does the media coverage, but was it fair for the press to convict the imf chief before his day in court and the vice-president is tweeting or at least his staff is. we'll explain next on news watch.
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>> when the former head of the international monetary fund, dominique straus-kahn,
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was arrested, the front pages went wild and it started back in may and they mocked the french politician with salacious headlines like these >> the new york daily news. le perv, and sleazy money. and the case seems to have fallen apart and the attention turned on his accuser, a hotel maid, aen new york post, owned by our parent company, an articles claiming she was a prostitute. >> judy, it doesn't get much strange than this case. >> it's an amazing case, one commentator two people d scht k he shall hence forth be known. dsk and the chamber made have been tried in the media absent the presentation of any formal
2:52 pm
fact in a court of law. and i think the media once again have a lot to account for, especially in the new york times, one of of the comment taters in the daily caller pointed out that the two lead reporters in the main story said that the police were investigating the assault. never even used the word alleged assault. so, these people were already guilty. >> this is a easy for the media. a book end to the casey anthony thing, try by media. first of all, you have a rich and powerful man and they love to bring down somebody like that and secondly, he was a frenchman and everybody still hates the french. this is a good opportunity to drag out the high school french. le perv and-- >> and run for president. >> he may still. >> the i think the media rushed to judgment and now they're rushing to say the media was terrible dsk and all. and i think the most from tom
2:53 pm
skoka, from slate. pronounce his name, that something happened there and the case, that's a fact and the dna was transmitted or emitted or something and his was the most damning piece of evidence about the maid the conversation she allegedly had with her boyfriend, look he's rich and powerful and got money and made the point that was in the language of fulani an african dialect probably not a lot of people speak in this country and getting a translati translating conveniently handed to the new york timesen a- a-ha, and leaked to the new york times, who leaked it. >> about this guy allegedly being a, accusations of rape and then now it becomes she was a hooker, so, oh, it's just prostitution, that's fine. like, that's okay. it's not a big deal, that we can live with. >> and alan, it's new york. >> what about the perp walk? the new york police put him out there for the photographers to take pictures of.
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>> this was bernard la vie known as bhk. and he said that it was absolutely uncivilized. now, dominique straus-kahn is a friend of his, but the import of what he was writing was that people of his class should not be troeated this way. i think nobody ought to be treat that had way. as long as we treat the person who has money and power that way, everyone gets the perp walk. >> and has his wife by his side. >> right, right. >> and lets get to a former politician who didn't have his wife by his side, eliot spitzer, the former governor, out of an again, job again, canceled the show. >> it's i couldn't look at him without thinking about black
2:55 pm
socks. >> the bias where a network is haunt iffed they're not really, really carol. cnn, spits ser there, a lot of money, pr people and presence in town and thought the rest of the country will love spitzer as much as we do and took about a year to be disabused of that. >> this is the problem with celebrity over substance, it's supposed to be the cable news network and when you bring in people who are known just for something outrageous, for being known and think that's going to translate into ratings, it's a major mistakes. >> and anthony weiner says that. >> what ever happened to second chances in america? he had a very fine record as a prosecutor. >> fine, let him run for office again. >> i found it interesting that cnn chose to get rid of the co-anchor, his female co-anchor about of they decided to dump him. it was the ratings, stupid. >> and the problem really was the title. they should have called it client nine and friend. >> oh. >> we have to take one more break, when we come back....
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>> the famously verbose vice-president has started tweeting. can he he say it all in under 140 characters? answers next on news watch. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. is actually finding choices the whole family will love. five flavors of chex are gluten-free, including the honey nut flavor. and it's nice for me to be able to syes" to something that they want to eat. [ male announcer ] chex cereal. five flavor gluten free ...
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>> jon: joe bea than is the latest member of the twitter crowd. he joined the popular network
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last week tweeting a message to troops. they hope to think about troops and families this independence day. happy 4th from ovp. so far they have 19,500 followers who get updates on day to day activities, like back to the table and more. boehner, durbin, reid, mcconnell pelosi and hoyer. is he really doing the tweeting? the answer is no. you won't see any of his colorful language on line. his staff is making sure of that. they are managing his twitter feed. that may be a smarted move. you can follow us as well, go to watch. than t
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